Synthesis of Functional Smart Hybrid Materials
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Dirk Kuckling is a full professor of Organic and Macromolecular Chemistry at University Paderborn.
His main research interests include synthesis and characterization of polymer networks with actuatoric
and sensoric properties, synthesis of amphiphilic polymer architectures, e.g. photo cross-linkable
polymer micelles as sensitive core-shell-particles, and synthesis of responsive biodegradable polymers for
drug delivery.


Although technological and scientific importance of functional polymers have been well established over
the last few decades, the most recent focus that attracted much attention are stimuli-responsive polymers.
This group of materials is of a particular interest due to their ability to respond to internal and/or external
chemico-physical stimuli that is often
manifested by large macroscopic responses. Aside for scientific challenges of designing stimuli-responsive
polymers, the main technological interest are numerous applications ranging from reactive surfaces to
drug delivery and separation systems, or from chemomechanical actuators to other applications that have
been extensively explored.