Fashionable Nanotechnology: Molecular strategies for Creating Smart Natural Fibers via Manipulation of Nanoscale Phenomena
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Juan P. Hinestroza, a U.S. Fulbright Scholar and a PMP®, is a tenured Associate Professor of Fiber Science and directs The Textiles Nanotechnology Laboratory at the College of Human Ecology of Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. Professor Hinestroza obtained a Ph.D. from the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at Tulane University and B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from Universidad Industrial de Santander. Prior to pursuing doctoral studies, Professor Hinestroza worked as a process control engineer for The Dow Chemical Company, he is the co-founder of 3 start-up companies, and has served as consultant to major Fortune 50 corporations in the field of smart and interactive textiles and fibers.


In this presentation, we will discuss several strategies that his laboratory have used to modify the properties of natural fibers using nanoscale materials. Furthermore, we will explore how their work on the frontiers of fiber science intersects with the work of apparel designers to create fashionable nanotechnology.The intersection between design and science will also be discussed as prototypes were created for each one of the discussed cases by teamwork between fashion design and fiber science students.