Polymer Science & Engineering

Department of Polymer Science and Engineering was set up in 1994, stemmed from the Department of Chemical Fibers. The discipline of Chemical Fibers was established in 1954 by Professor Qian Baojunand Professor Fang Borong, when it was affiliated with Textile Chemisty Department. In order to train high rank scientists and experts for the development of industry of chemical fibers, the discipline of Chemical Fibers was expanded into the discipline of Polymer Science and Engineering, the department renamed itself Department of Polymer Science and Engineering in 1994. The Department of Polymer Science and Engineering has a faculty of 21, in which 10 are fullprofessors and 11 associate professors, 17 of whom are with Ph.D. degrees and as supervisors for doctoral candidates. The department mainly carry on the olymer materials science and engineering teaching and research work. With the ultimate goal of training students to be well-grounded and well- informed we have expanded the present discipline while kept its original features and actively explored the open-education in undergraduate teaching so as to cultivate students with the capability of working independently and practically and with creativity and responsibility. The As a result we have had a favorable result in the undergraduate teaching program. The courses《Polymer Chemistry》 and《Principles of Polymer Material Formation》are chosen as National Courses of Excellence. Professor Shen Xinyuan was awarded Teacher of the Year in Shanghai and has won multi First-Prize Teaching Awards in Shanghai.


Professor:Zhang Qinghua, Chen Yanmo, Chen Dajun, Yang Qing,  Shen Xinyuan, Wang Xiaqin, Xu Hongyao, Qin Zongyi, Shen Qing, He Chunju

Assistant Professor: Ma Jinghong, Wang Xuefeng, Xiao Ru, Wang Chaosheng, Wang Yanping, Yu Hao, Sun Bin, Sun Junfang, Ji Yali, Chen Long, Gong Jinghua


Department Dean: Ma Jinghong  Tel: 0086-021-67792833  E-mail: mjh68@dhu.edu.cn

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