Composite Materials

  • History of Development

      To expand teaching and research fields of material discipline, teaching and research group of material mechanics project, and some other parts of the material science and engineering college are incorporated to establish the department of composite materials in 1995. Now it is mainly responsible for teaching and research of composite materials of the polymer orientation, including high-performance fiber.

  • Key research orientations

      Formation theory of Chemical fibers, the processing and theory of long fiber reinforced thermoplastic plastic composites, preparation and synthesis of high-performance fiber, preparation and synthesis of nano-polymer composites, the modifications of polymer materials.

  • Research projects undertaken now

     Research of some basic problems in manufacturing high-performance carbon fibers (a key project of national nature science fund)
     Nanometer TiO2/PET UV-resistant fiber: (a project of national "Tenth 5-Years-Plan " key projects)
     Fundamental theory of PAN based carbon fiber (National military Ministry)
     PAN and RAYON based-active carbon fiber of effective environmental protection (Key scientific research project of Shanghai)
     Research of PLA synthesis process (Yi Zheng Chemical Fiber Co.)
     Research and preparation of long fiber reinforced thermoplastic plastic composites (Li Jing Chemical Ltd. Zhejiang Province)

  • Awards

     "Preparation and application of Aerospace-grade high-purity RAYON-based carbon fiber" won 2003 second-class National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology, and one of the ten scientific and technological progresses of the universities of the year 2001.

  • Major Courses

    Undergraduate courses: Material science and engineering foundation, composites material science, polymer materials and formation process, metal and inorganic materials, composites formation process and equipments, polymer alloys, high-performance fiber, mold design, computer applications in material science, material interface and surface, Composites test technology, textural structure of composites, design of composites structure, etc.
Postgraduate courses: Synthesis and modification of polymer, formation process and design of composites, composites science and engineering, material interface and surface, processing principles of metal materials
Doctoral courses:Synthesis and modification of polymers

  • Faculty

Professors: Yu Muhuo, Lu Yonggen, Li Guang, Pan Ding, Wu Qilin,
Associate professors: Yuan Xiangkai, Teng Cuiqing, Jin Junhong, Yang Shenlin, Han Keqing, Zeng Fanlong, Wang Biao, Peng Zhihan, Xu Jing, Chen Huifang.

     Department Dean: Wang Biao

     Tel: 86-021-67792731

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