Research Fields

1.Rayon-based Carbon Fibers rayon-based carbon fiber (RCF) is one of the irreplaceable key materials applied in the field of intercontinental missile. The project undertaken is named " The enlarged production line for annual 300 KG of rayon-based carbon fibers ", a military project supported by the State Space Department. The specification quality equal to or nearly equal to the level of the RCF products manufactured by the United States or Russia. Directly supply the qualified RCFs to the State Bureau of Aerospace, which has already been successfully applied in the launching of the TS missiles named "Remote 1' and Remote 2".

2. One of the top 10 Inventions of Chinese University in 2000 New type cellulose fibers The project named " Annual 100 tons Lyocell fibers" will adopt homemade processing equipment and technology with a level of international advance. An enlarged-scale industrialized pilot production is being carried out now, which is a necessary technical preparation for the final industrialization of the Lyocell fibers. One of the top 10 Inventions of Chinese University in 2000 .

3.Fine and Superfine Polypropylene Filament and Staple A series of new costume and fabric products such as 'MT-series", "Longqi-series" etc. have been developed via cooperation with Zhuhai Fu Hua Chemical Fiber Ltd., Shanghai Zhong Hua no.1 Knitting Co.,Donghua-Jiuding superfine fiber Co.

4. Modified PET Filaments for Comfortable Fashions state key project of the eighth Five-Year Plan, the third class Science and Technology Progress Award of the State Bureau of Textile Industry the Great Success Award of the State Key Science and Technology Projects of the Eighth Five-Years Plan.

5. Three Dimensional Crimping Multi-hole Hollow PET Staples Shanghai municipal first class Science and Technology Progress Award, The State second class Science and Technology Award and A series of beddings based on 9-hole staple fibers were also developed with the cooperation of Ming Guang International Groups.

6. Modified PP and PET fibers for anti-cracking cement usage The stated fibers have been widely used in more than 100 items of architectural project State theater Shanghai International Gymnasium center Hongkou Football PlaygroundPudong Oriental Hospital Jinan Spring-water City Plaza Yixing section of State Highway no. 103.

7. Chitin fibers and the relevant bio-material products One of the initial terms started by the Key Laboratory of Shanghai Universities at Pudong The scientific and hi-tech achievement "Chitin fibers" developed by Dong Hua University under this project has been incubated into commercial products by Shanghai Tianchen Bio-material ltd. Co. which is a company joint established by The Key Laboratory at Pudong of Shanghai Universities and Dong Hua University.

8. Studies on Macromolecular Entanglements The late famous professor Qian Baojun had directed this fundamental research project. A new swelling DSC method of characterizing macromolecular entanglements had been established The concepts of in-born entanglements The topological entanglement model of polymers and its applications in gel spinning of polyacrylonitrile(PAN). At present the research will be entered into dynamics of entangled polymers.

9. High Strength and High Modulus Polyethylene Fibers has been adopted as a technical investment into the Zhongtai Hi-Tech New Materials Ltd. Co. A production line for annual 200 tons high strength and high modulus PE fibers has been established there.

10. The Melt-spun Polyurethane(PU) Fibers The hi-tech and industrializing project named as "Annual 100 tons melt-spun PU fibers" was conducted in cooperation with Shanghai Yuhang Special Fiber Co. and sponsored by Shanghai Textile Holding Groups.

11. Tech. & Equipment for one-step method high-denier PP fibers The project of "Technology and Equipment for one-step method high-denier PP fiber " fulfilled in co-operation with Jiangxi Textile Machine Factory passed the appraisal managed under Shanghai Municipal Education Commission in Oct. 1999. The project leads to fairly good economical and social via its extensive application of more than ten production line in Zhejiang Ningbo Chemical Fiber Co. Ltd., in Canon , and in Jiangsu, etc.

12. Tech. of Electric-melting of glass The stated technology is now widely used in more than 20 provinces or cities and wins a very good reputation in the glass fields. Especially, the technology won a bid in competition with many famous foreign companies and achieved glory and success for our country.

13. Research and manufacture of hollow-fiber membranes Stands in an advanced level in the domestic range. The artificial kidneys made of hollow-fiber membrane are widely used in clinic cases and proved a very good result. State Invention Award and is going to be a batch production.

14. Biomaterials State Hi-tech"863"project: The bionic spinning technology of spider silk phase separation spinning and liquid crystal spinning under stress inducementSpinning Simulation by silk fibroin 15.Nano fiber Materials Nano fiber Microsphere with core-shell structureNano-material modified polymer alloy.

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