Natural-like and super-natural fibers Research Branch

How to improve the “comfortable” of man-made fibers is an academic and industrial interesting field, and still represents a great challenge in engineering commercially attractive materials in large quantities. We are interested in improving moisture, transportation, comfort, and apparence of commercial fibers.

High performance and functional fiber materials Research Branch

High performance fibers is required by many application, including defense and airspace industry. The key issue for high performance fiber production is the formation of suitable hierarchical structure, including high orientation of macromolecular chains, entanglement and tie molecules in amorphous phase, dimension and its distribution of fibirillar, void, crystalline phase and amorphous phase, etc. We are interested in structure formation and its development during spinning process, including gel spinning, liquid crystalline spinning, wet-dry spinning, electrospinning process. We are also interesting on the preparation of fiber with various functions, such as biofunction fiber , electron conductive fiber, photonic crystalline fiber.

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