Materials Science and Engineering (Code of First Class Discipline 0805)
    The discipline of Materials Science and Engineering has expanded its research fields from the chemical fibres to polymer materials, inorganic nonmetallic materials and metallic materials after years readjustment and restructuction. It has now owes one first-class  doctorate-granting discipline: Materials Science and Engineering and  three second-class doctorate-granting disciplines: Materials Science, Materials Processing Engineering and Materials Chemistry and Physics. Approved by the Academic Degrees Committee, another 3 second-class doctorate-granting disciplines: Biomimetic Materials, Intelligent Physical Systems Approach Nano Fibre and Hybrid Materials were set up in 2003.
    The discipline of Materials Science was approved the National Key discipline by Ministry of Education in 2002 and the Lab of Fibre Modification was approved  State Key Lab In 2000. The discipline was listed as one of the Ten Key Disciplines in Shanghai and one of the key  disciplines in "211 Project Universities" in Donghua University.
    The discipline of Materials Science has abundant teaching resources,  including one academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and 27 Ph.D. supervisors, who are broad with knowledge and with sufficient teaching and research experences and high scientific attainments. The discipline has strong research potential and has taken many programs from the central and the municipal government, from the ministry and firms as well in the last few years. It has gained 4 National Second Prizes for Progress in Science and Technology, 4 Top Ten Achievements in Science and Technology in Universities, 9 Second and 8 Third Ministral or Municipal prizes for Progress in Science and Technology. Its annual research funding has been reached more than 30 millions yuan.
1, Materials Physics and Chemistry (Code of Second Class Discipline 080501)
 a. Molecular Design, Synthesis and Reaction Mechanism of Meticulous Polymer
           Including Structural Polymer Materials, Functional Polymer Materials, Information Polymer Materials and Biomedical Polymer Materials
 b. Physical and Chemical problems in Polycomponent System
    Fundamental researches of physics and chemistry in blending and composite materials polycomponent system
2, Materials Science (Code of Second Class Discipline 080502)
 a.Modification Fibre Materials
    To process and modify general fibre materials by chemical and physical methods for better service performance
 b.Intelligent Polymer Materials
    Self-discipline response data-driven materials using intelligent polymer materials, the formation theory of gelatinous fibre and membrane materials is the research point.
 c. Biomedical Polymer Materials
    The preparation technology and the structural performance and applications of biomedical polymer materials, physiological adjustment materials
 d. Nano, Microparticles and Polymer Composite Materials
    Composite materials of nano, micro metal particles, inorganic particles and polymer materials with polymer and inorganic compounds.
3, Materials Processing Engineering (Code of Second Class Discipline 080503)
 a. Polymer Fibre-forming Theory and Processing Engineering
   Cellulose new solvent spinforming, preparation and gel spinning process of CHMW-PE
 b. Processing Technology of High Performance Fibre and Products
   Processing of viscose-based carbon fibre, and research of high performance paper materials
        c. Liquid Mental Formation and Strengthen
          Liquid formation and processing procedure of metal, research on materials in properties, safe reliability and life in process of operation
        d. Processing of Functional Inorganic Materials
   Preparation of Inorganic nanoparticles, research of variety of sealing-in new materials and civilian inorganic coating
4, Nanofibre and Hybrid Materials (Code of Second Class Discipline 080520)
 a. Nano Modification Polymer Alloy Materials
 b. Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Materials
 c. preparation and Structural Performance of Nanofibre
5, System Engineering of Intelligent Substance  (Code of Second Class Discipline 080521)
 a. Intelligent Gel System
 b. Intelligent Polymeric Microspheres
 c. Intelligent Biomedical Materials
6, Biomimetic Materials (Code of Second Class Discipline 080522)
 a. Synthesis and Structural Performance of Biomimetic Materials
 b. Formation Technology of Biomimetic Materials
 c. Biomedical Polymer Materials

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